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You can stay living a mediocre life on a roller coaster of good and bad days, fighting with your spouse, feeling like you are stuck in a life that just feels blah, waking up each morning moaning because here is yet another day...

With our help you can be the girl that everyone wants to be around! You can be someone who does what she wants and lives with excitement! A woman who takes on life and has a calm harmonious flow with the people you love. Someone who isn’t afraid to take action toward your dreams!! Who knows?! Maybe you are ready to start a business, follow a life long dream, speak on stages, or even just jump on Facebook Live at a moment’s notice with complete confidence because you truly believe in the massive value you have to offer to the world!


Grab your FREE "Dare2BME" challenge

& an exclusive invite to our community!

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Hi, I'm Jenna!

I am an Online Coach & Trainer for High-Level Women

That Know They Are Meant for More...

I love to work with women of influence to help them choose and create their deep joy in life while sharing their message and influence in the world!

I also love to focus on truly bringing out the powerful light

within each individual because when powerful women, support powerful women, POWERFUL change happens!!

I am a proud mama of two and my soul purpose in life is to be FUN, FREE and GRATEFUL!!!

I get to call myself the CEO and founder of CreateJoy.Jenna where my role is to run women empowerment events, retreats, webinars, group and personal coaching!

I LOVE what I get to do & who I get to work with everyday!


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"I will always be a work in progress, but I have come so far from where I first started! I didn't know I needed her in my life. Working with Jenna unveiled A LOT of things I didn't know about myself that have, in turn, started to heal. She's changed my perspective in a lot and has taught me so much!"

Amber L.

"Jenna is really great about meeting you where you are with the right amount of guidance and loving support to get you closer to the person you aspire to be!"

Dana G.

Jenna is da bomb yo...

Like fo realzzzz...




Work with her.

Brooke Angus

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