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What is the Create Joy Course?


The Create Joy Course is 4-weeks of trainings that help you find a clear vision of what you need to make you happy. 

We will be covering subjects like purpose, habits, time management and more, plus a deep understanding of the crap you are letting get in the way! You will learn how to CHOOSE JOY, CREATE JOY, and step into the highest version of yourself on a daily basis!!

You will be creating your own personal vision and goals with action steps to achieve them, strategies to create more peace in your home and relationships, identifying the triggers that are holding you back and how to stop them, and time management of how to actually make all these ideas work in the life you live now!

Who is the Create Joy Course for?

The Soul Searcher

You are on a journey to self discovery right now! You can feel this growth within, but you are like a young deer on wobbly legs not sure how to stand tall on your own two feet.


The Doubter

You have huge dreams and exciting ideas, but no matter what you try, you always doubt the ability to actually achieve it. Therefore, your dreams stay a dream, rather than a reality.


The Fearful One

You are terrified to JUST BE YOU! What will they say, what will they think? Heck, you may be living every second trying to live up to what people expect you to be, but you don't even know who YOU WANT TO BE!

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What Can You Expect:

Training #1

Clarity ($44 Value)


Training #2

Emotional Cycles ($44 Value)


Training #3

Emergency Joy List ($44 Value)


Training #4

Time Management ($44 Value)


Personal Goal Tracking System ($24 Value)


BONUS: Major Mindset Shift toward Creating Your JOY (Priceless)




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Hi, I'm Jenna!

I am an Online Coach & Trainer for High-Level Women That Know They Are Meant for More...

But lets be real... a few years ago, I was NOT a “High-Level Women”…

Just a few years ago, I found myself feeling lost, less than, purposeless! I knew I was rocking some areas in my life...BUT I wasn't ME! My heart wasn't being filled!!!

That is when I discovered I was living my life for everyone else. I was obsessed with making sure I kept everyone else happy and completely neglected what my soul wanted!!

I lacked clarity in what I wanted, who I wanted to be!

Then I found a formula!!! A formula that gave me clarity and trust in myself! A formula that literally is a 5 stage system that helps me UP-Level in all areas in my life! From family, to self worth, to Business!

Because we all have emotional cycles, we all have crap that keeps us from living our full potential! Life is a journey, a journey of discovering clarity, building skill set and taking action toward our desires. This journey is on-going!!

For me, I want this journey to ALWAYS be moving forward!! And I desire that for YOU TOO!! Because when POWERFUL Women, Support POWERFUL Women, POWERFUL CHANGE Happens!!

So Join me in this Life Journey and Let’s Create A Life Worth Living!!!

"I will always be a work in progress, but I have come so far from where I first started! I didn't know I needed her in my life. Working with Jenna unveiled A LOT of things I didn't know about myself that have, in turn, started to heal. She's changed my perspective in a lot and has taught me so much!"

Amber L.

"Jenna is really great about meeting you where you are with the right amount of guidance and loving support to get you closer to the person you aspire to be!"

Dana G.




Working with Jenna has changed my life, 100%! I now have a sense of who I am and a confidence that I've never experienced before! I will be forever grateful for Jenna's knowledge, guidance, love, and friendship! If you are ready to change your life, Jenna is the person to turn to. 


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